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Brian Recher, the founder and President of Resolute Builders, has personally supervised the construction of over 500 homes in the State of Arizona. He has also been the manager of the purchasing department for one of the largest builders in the country.


With this combination, and his degree in Construction Engineering from Arizona State University, not only does Brian know how to guarantee quality craftsmanship in the field, he also knows how to build it into his contracts with vendors.


Brian is personally involved every step of the way, from meeting with clients and designing the home, to writing the specifications and overseeing the trades in the field. He also personally follows up on all customer service requests once our homes close.

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Personal attention to your business

This personal attention is the biggest benefit to the client in choosing Resolute Builders. Being a small custom builder, as opposed to a mammoth production builder, we have the time to devote to your home, and the willingness to do so, personally.


The biggest thing that separates most builders (beyond price) is supervision, which directly effects quality. All reputable builders in the local market for the most part use the same subcontractors, so when you see a home that is not up to your standards, it is primarily because the construction supervision allowed it to be that way.

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Receive a 1-year warranty* from a team that's been in business since 1994


We leave our customers delighted

The other defining characteristic of Resolute Builders is customer service after the home has closed. We choose to limit the size of our company to an amount of homes that we can reasonably manage effectively, including homes that have already closed. We don't want to identify with our buyers as "lot numbers,” but as people.


Because of our small size, if we have just one unhappy buyer, that means that percentage-wise, a large number of our clients are unhappy, and we certainly can't have that!


We strive to leave our customers not just satisfied but delighted, in the hope that they will refer us to others. Did you know that over 99% of all our new clients come from referrals? We do, and we are very aware that your impression of Resolute Builders will be largely determined after you have already purchased and closed on your home.


Customer Service will always be a top priority at Resolute Builders, and you can see our incentive.